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Walnut – American Black

Walnut – American Black

Botanical Name: Juglans Nigra

Other Names: Black Walnut

Source Location: North America, principally Eastern and Central America

Stability: Stable

Durability in Ground: Not Durable

Durability Above Ground: Moderately Durable

Density: Approx 610 kg/m3 (approx at 12% MC)

Dimensions: Black Walnut is currently available in 25, 40, 50 and 75mm thick and 100-300mm wide

Appearance: Black Walnut is usually narrow and pale brown in colour, the heartwood varying in colour from rich chocolate brown to a purplish-black. The colour is apt to darken with age. The wood has a fine, even texture and a rather course grain. Burrs sometimes occur and the wood of these and of stumps is often highly figured and converted to veneers.
Uses: Black Walnut is a popular timber for high class furniture, cabinet work and interior decoration, joinery, doors, flooring and panelling.
Tips: Black Walnut is moderately hard, tough and strong and easily worked. It is a favoured wood for using in contrast with lighter coloured timbers.

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