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Botanical Name: Podocarpus Totara

Source Location: The South Island of New Zealand

Stability: Sap: Moderately Stable, Colour: Moderately Stable, Heart: Stable

Durability in Ground: Sap: Non Durable, Colour: Non Durable, Heart: Non Durable

Durability Above Ground: Sap: Non Durable, Colour: Non Durable, Heart: Moderately Durable

Density: Approx 500 kg/m3 (approx at 12% MC)

Appearance: The heartwood is an even reddish pink and the sapwood pale brown
Tips: It has a very straight grain, a fine even texture cutting smoothly across the grain in spite of its softness. The properties of the wood deteriorate over time so it is not suitable to be recycled.

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