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Kauri – Fijian

Kauri – Fijian

Botanical Name: Agathis Vitiensis.

Other Names: Dakua Makadre.

Source Location: Fiji Islands. It also grows in New Guinea, Malaysia, and other Pacific islands.

Stability: Very Stable

Durability in Ground: Durable

Durability Above Ground: Moderately durable and responds well to pressure treatment.

Density: Approx 540 kg/m3 (approx at 15% MC)

Dimensions: Kauri is currently available in 25, 40 and 50mm thick in 75-300mm wide. Also available are 75x75 and 100x100

Appearance: Heartwood is pale cream to golden brown in colour; the sapwood is straw to pale brown. Texture is fine and the grain is mainly straight. It is non-tainting.
Uses: Kauri has a traditionally world-wide reputation in boat building, i.e. planks, masts, spars and oars, because of it’s excellent working properties and high degree of stability. It is used for exterior/ interior joinery, furniture, weatherboards, panelling, sarking, mouldings, picture framing and turnery. It is also widely used for decorative and utilitarian purposes such as kitchen and laboratory bench tops.
Tips: Fijian Kauri is an excellent timber for sawing and machining. It also planes and sands well with only slight chipping in regions of reverse grain. It glues and screws well, also holding stains and polishing well. Turning properties are excellent. It can be drilled cleanly.

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