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Botanical Name: Dacrydium cupressinum

Other Names: Red Pine

Source Location: We currently source our Rimu from the West Coast of the South Island as it is richer in colour than that of the East Coast.

Stability: Sap: Stable, Colour: Stable, Heart: Stable

Durability in Ground: Sap: Non Durable, Colour: Non Durable, Heart: Non Durable

Durability Above Ground: Sap: Non Durable, Colour: Non Durable, Heart: Moderately Durable

Density: Approx 600 kg/m3 (approx at 12% MC)


Appearance: Heartwood is usually a rich red-brown colour with hints of golden yellow. Sapwood has a lighter brown tone and is generally even in colour. The intermediate colour zone is a varied light brown colour giving rise to interesting shadings of colour and grain.

Grades: Heart Rimu is graded to a minimum of 95% heart content and some boards may contain a slight bit of sap down an edge or corner. Colour Rimu is graded to give an average of 50% heart and 50% sap on one face. Individual boards may vary in heart content from 30-70% depending on visual appearance.

Uses: Heartwood ideally suites exterior joinery and flooring applications. Colour and Sap is ideal for furniture and internal finishing’s like panelling and moulding.

Tips: Rimu can be treated up to H3 LOSP for specific exterior uses.