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Lawson Cypress

Botanical Name: Chamaecyparis lawsoniana

Other Names:

Source Location: Originated from the USA; sourced Lawson Cypress from the South Island of New Zealand.

Stability: Very stable

Durability in Ground: Durable

Durability Above Ground: Very Durable

Density: approx 550kg/m3 (at approx12% MC)

Dimensions: Most Lawson Cypress is plantation grown giving it only 25-30 years growth before being milled, therefore, the standard sizes cut are 200x50 and under.

Appearance: Pale brown/yellow and dries easily

Grades: Clearwood is hard to find as most grades have knots of varying types and it’s because of its knots that it makes a very nice panelling timber.

Uses: Boat building, weatherboards, decking, shingles, panelling and boxing.

Tips: It is known for its strong, distinctive spicy smell. If being used for exterior cladding, heartwood must be selected.

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