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Botanical Name: Dacrycarpus dacrydioides

Other Names: White Pine

Source Location: South Island of New Zealand.

Stability: Very Stable

Durability in Ground: Durable (if treated)

Durability Above Ground: Very Durable (if treated)

Density: Approx 500kg/m3 (at approx12% MC)

Dimensions: Because of its dotted existence, it is cut mostly on portable mills as they come across it and their size capacity is 200x50.

Appearance: The sapwood is light creamy white and the heartwood pale to bright yellow

Grades: Dressing grade is not commonly used and therefore clears are more readily available.

Uses: Because it is light and easy worked it has always been associated with boat building and kitchen woodware as it is free from odour or taste.

Tips: It is treated to H3 for exterior use but the timber only really absorbs this treatment to H1.2 extent

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