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Botanical Name: Apuleia Leiocarpa

Other Names: Garapa, Muir, Grapia

Source Location: Throughout South America.

Stability: Stable

Durability Above Ground: Heartwood – Durable Narrow pale sapwood susceptible to attack.

Density: Air Dry density 900 kg/M3.

Dimensions: 0X19mm & 140x19mm Decking, Other sizes available Sawn/Dressed 150x25mm – 100x100mm.

Appearance: Straw coloured, creamy to soft browns. Fades off to silver grey colours. The grain is fine in texture, usually straight, occasionally interlocked. Medium Lustre.

Grades: Strength group 2.

Uses: Decking, Structural flooring, paneling, furniture, tool handles, stairs and general construction.

Tips: Machines well to a fine finish. Good to work with; takes nails and screws easily; glues well. Shrinkage is medium. Avoid contact with raw steel on this species, it will react and cause black marks, particularly when fresh sawn.

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