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Blackwood - Tasmanian

Botanical Name: Acacia Melanoxylon

Source location: Australia - Tasmania

Stability: Very Stable

Density: Approx. 750 kg / m3

Dimensions: Blackwood is currently available in 25, 40 and 50mm thick and 100-250mm wide. Lengths can range from .900m up to 4.2m

Appearance: This timber has a natural lustre and ranges in colour from light golden to dark brown, sometimes has a reddish tint and can occasionally show black streaks. An additional characteristic comes in the grain which can vary from mainly straight to occasionally wavy, known as fiddleback.

Uses: In New Zealand, Tasmanian Blackwood can be used for making quality furniture; carving; panelling & laminating; veneers and boat building.

Tips: This is a timber that is resilient but easily worked and can take a highly polished finish. It cuts fairly easily, cleanly and accurately and any holes made are usually clean and to size. When planing, care should be taken to work with the grain to give a smooth lustrous surface. Try to avoid the inhalation of Blackwood dust.

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