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About Us

Mainly we supplied a lot of native timbers that were still quite plentiful in those days. Some Pine framing and clears both treated and untreated.

As the native logging became more restricted, we diversified into more New Zealand timber such as NZ Oregon (Douglas Fir) Macrocarpa and Larch to name a few.

As at times some of these lines became harder to obtain or weeks delayed. We then purchased a portable sawmill giving us better supply and options to serve our customer base better.

In more recent years the popularity of natural timber in building has grown and our focus has grown to include specialised imported timbers like Western Red Cedar, American Oak, Red Oak, Ash, Siberian Larch, Kwila, Purple Heart Decking which we directly import ourselves.

We had the opportunity to purchase the furniture factory next door. This led us into the processing of finishing of our timber, offering our customer base better service and turn around of orders. This has continued over the years to now 85% of orders being machined into a finished product i.e. weatherboards, decking, window reveals, flooring, fencing, laminated stair treads and tops, also many hard to find mouldings.

Halswell Timber remains a family-owned business still today.

Halswell Timber Showroom


A picture is worth a thousand words, so this must be worth millions to see it first-hand. Come and touch the grain, see the colours, and feel the texture of the timbers.

Stunning Laminated timber tops, multiple different types of flooring, mouldings, panelling and many more products.

Experience a personal viewing in a relaxed atmosphere of our showroom. Our professional sales team are available for advice and provide samples for you. We can explain the benefits of your timber choices. We are here to ensure you purchase with confidence. A perfect showcase for the products specialised by Halswell Timber.

Halswell Timber

Our sales team

Personal service and customer satisfaction has always been a strong standard for Peter and Barbara who in turn have passed this on to the fantastic team that is in place today.

Sourcing the highest possible quality timber has always been a priority for Halswell Timber and we pride ourselves in delivering personal customer service.

Both Peter and Barbara formed Halswell Timber into the business that it is today, through commitment, dedication and their vision for excellence.

Halswell timber

North Island

Shayne Doyle worked at our Christchurch yard for 5 years before relocating to Tauranga. I have 11 years in the Timber Industry working with Customers across all areas from DIY, Trade, Retail and Commercial. Over this time I have built a great knowlege base to direct you to the best product for your needs. Get in touch to discuss your project requirements.

You can call me on 021-486-593 or email /

Halswell Timber

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With thanks to Grant Strahl of Strahl Building, Brendan Holt of Display and Stevenson & Williams Limited for the supply of photos for use on our website.

Touch the grain, see the colours, and feel the texture.

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We are here to ensure you purchase with confidence. A perfect showcase for the products specialised by Halswell Timber.